Mr. Michael Avis

A NOTE FROM OUR chairman

Our history

With our nations Sesqui-Centennial Year upon us, it is a fitting time to reflect on the importance of learning about our past.   While our heritage may not go back thousands of years as it does with many other cultures and while our country may indeed be very young we do, nonetheless,  have a uniquely Canadian heritage.  It is a heritage most worthy of recognition, preservation and promotion.

Undoubtedly there will be many celebrations throughout the year, and I urge everyone to support them.  For first, second and even third generation Canadians it’s both the perfect and appropriate time to exhibit some national pride, to stand up and wave the flag.  

Recently we have been happy to welcome and provide safe haven for many ‘new’ Canadians and our society is enhanced as some of their colourful cultural traditions are woven into the Canadian mosaic.  At the same time however it is hoped that this year many of our new 21st century ‘settlers’  will take the opportunity to learn and embrace at least some of the cultural heritage and history of their newly chosen home.

Canada’s 150th Anniversary comes but once  . . . let’s all get out and celebrate it!

Visit Historic Bovaird House

The museum operates annually from mid-February to mid-December

The museum is open

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

(Last self-guided tour begins at 3:30)

Free General Admission

(Donations are always appreciated)

Ample on-site free parking

Historic Bovaird House

This site is currently under maintenance, however all information will remain accurate. We thank you for your patience. 

1985 – Mossie Bovaird sells house and surrounding properties to City of Brampton for $2


June 27, 1990 – Official dedication of Historic Bovaird House. The Historic Bovaird House is operated entirely by volunters who are known as the "Friends of Historic Bovaird House".

2015 - Pendergast Log House is moved from original location to Bovaird property


2017 – Pendergast Log House is open to the public.